Middle Feast Review – Action Items Phase #1 Revamped



1. Update and Brand the Site for Sales and Bookings. I’m gonna lower to just one flat price $1100 with launch in 10 days.

Current:  username/password
Facebook: Add me as an admin on your facebook to integrate the site.

2. Create a 6 month business plan for opportunities, online marketing & explore festivals. (See Gmail Calender) I will share with all of you.
3. Get the Food Network LOGO quote. Let’s do a Magnet for now?


PHASE 2. On Going Talking Points…. 

1. Use my resources and approach Bookings with festivals, TV appearance.
2. Contact Shawn to talk to Mario / DMV contact.
3. What music festivals do ?
4.  SPICES,  TAHINI – etc…

I am looking to partner for the long term.  Any  ideas & products we come up with we can discuss a fair percentage for bookings and sales.  Which will be about 15-20% percent of what business I bring in and manage for products on the site.  This is negotiable and we can have a sit down with products and go over syneros. I am more then fare with what reality is.  I want you to have the success & more opportunity.

5. Truck health… Sell and lease truck in future? PROS & CONS.
7. New Shirt design & Hats.


1) Full Commerce Buying/Email Management System

— Products to start with & expand into Food & Chef items.
— Secure ordering
— Customer Tracking & Information Database




2) Enable Social Shares ON EACH  PAGE


3) Start Email collection &  Campaigns with MailChimp and incorporate on Social and Truck. 


4) Facebook, event photos  & Instagram Integration on .com
Goal >>>>> Host & Drive traffic to Site.  


5) Capture media outlets, All Episodes,  personal writings & organize for the content “blog” area.



6) Events Section with Catering to specific Jewish culture.  MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY IN L.A with TV shows & Movie Sets. Watch out for low balling offers, Say no… 


7)  Search Engine Organization modernized with real time visitor stats.




1) Username password for www.middlefeastfoodtruck.com
2) Set up Paypal account or integrate your current system
3) Facebook Admin role.

Two weeks of development with a launch of  OCTOBER 20th 2014

Front payment     $900 & $150 in software one time fee.
Finish Complete Phase 1 payment    $650


1.  Save the 9,000 on the Truck registration.  You will love me immediately.
2. Shirts. Do we use my printing team or continue with yours? ADD kids shirt — one size. ADD womens tank — 3 sizes.
3. SPICES, SPICES, SPICES! Lets get this going… Also A meat rub or BBQ?
4. Amazon affiliate program for other food chef items?
5. Israel large group events for catering, bar mitzvahs  & Private Parties.
6. Truck Signage and Email opt-in on truck. Are you gonna take CC? Square or paypal?
7.  Look for a funding for expansion. Add Investor side to your site.  Food is really hot in startups.
8. National Food Chains & Brand contacts?
9. Adding the Food Network Logo on Truck.

ALWAYS remember you’re Food Network Champions!  You need to keep the BRAND Strong!