Get What’s Hot From “The Good Buy Girls”

Brook Roberts and Tara Gray — soon to be stars of the new TLC show, The Good Buy Girls — are always on the hunt for the next big thing. These former pageant girls and best friends now play host to a show on a home shopping network called DSN. DSN, which is known for selling rare gemstones and jewelry, but “The Good Buy Girls” are trying to turn the channel around by selling hip and fun products — diamonds in the rough, if you will.

With constant criticism from their boss Art, it is not a easy task to bring fun new products to DSN, but Brook and Tara are persistent. They will stop at nothing to sell products their way and to reinvent the DSN brand. See the pictures below for a more in-depth look at some of the crazy products and wacky antics these two are accustomed to.


Brook and Tara think spray tans are all the rage as more and more women become concerned with over exposure to UV radiation. When they pitch this product to their boss, Art, they think it’s a real winner. Art, in turn, challenges the girls to sell a large number of the spray-tan products.


It’s not everyday you see two beautiful women in a bathtub of lemons, but for Brook and Tara, testing a product and process is all part of the job.


Brook and Tara will do a lot of different things to find a unique product to sell on DSN. They have even hosted an event for inventors to showcase their work. Here they are taking a walk around town looking for anything new and exciting to sell.


Anyone else having an “Laverne & Shirley” flashback? The “Good Buy Girls” think it’s important to understand the product they are selling. Brook and Tara are hard at work on the production line and see how a potential sale product is made.

Make sure you look for what’s hot on The Good Buy Girls Wednesday, June 5th at 10|9c on TLC.